Standards Development

Why Create Industry Standards?

Safety, reliability, and quality were the core principles that drove NETA to pursue the creation of a set of industry standards for electrical power equipment and systems. ANSI/NETA Standards assure all tested electrical equipment and systems supplied by either contractor or owner are operational and within applicable standards and manufacturer’s published tolerances and are installed in accordance with design specifications. ANSI/NETA Standards were developed in order to guide personnel in specifying and performing the necessary tests to ensure those systems and apparatus perform satisfactorily, minimizing downtime, and maximizing life expectancy.


Who Should Use NETA Standards?

  • Electrical testing companies & technicians
  • Electrical inspectors
  • Architect & engineering firms
  • Specifying engineers
  • Commissioning agencies
  • Owners & end users
  • Anyone responsible for the safe and reliable operation of electrical power equipment and systems

What Do These Documents Do?

  • Specify electrical commissioning and acceptance and maintenance tests and inspections for electrical power systems and their components
  • Focus on what tests to perform, rather than how to perform them
  • Define pre-requisites for qualified companies and certified individuals
  • Address the division of responsibility for electrical commissioning, inspections, and tests
  • Establish minimum requirements for test reports
  • Reference manufacturers' data and other industry standards (IEEE, NFPA, CSA, NEMA, NECA, UL, etc.) where applicable
  • Are recognized worldwide through specifications and implementation

Principles and Procedures

As an ANSI-accredited standards developer, NETA Standards development activities are governed by NETA Principles & Procedures.

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Getting Involved

Interested in participating the development of future NETA Standards? Learn more today about how to submit your comments or become a member of the NETA Ballot Pool.
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NETA Standards Revision Cycles

  • NETA ECS-2024
  • NETA ATS-2025
  • NETA ETT-2026
  • NETA MTS-2027