The NETA Practice Exam

Enhance Your Certification Exam Prep

Take advantage of an all-new resource designed to assist NETA Technicians prepare for the next level of certification. An invaluable tool for those studying to take the Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 NETA Certification Exam, the NETA Practice Exam provides an assessment of the candidate’s current knowledge base and allows them to identify areas that may require additional focus.  

About the Practice Exam

The NETA Practice Exam is a 40-50 item assessment using retired questions from previous versions of the NETA Certification Exam. There are three practice exams levels currently available: Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. Each practice exam attempt can be purchased for $100, allows the user one hour to take the exam, and provides 60 days to review the test results.

Important Reminders

While a useful resource the association encourages NETA Certified Technicians to utilize as part of their preparations, NETA cannot guarantee practice exam users a passing score on any level of the NETA Certification Exam. Please note the intent of the practice exam is to take and use as a study guide to identify areas that may require additional focus. There is only one version of each level at this time. 

Upon purchasing the practice exam, users will be prompted to provide their email address and compose a password. These details will be used to create a profile that can be revisited for up to 60 days following the practice exam to review the test results.

For additional information regarding the practice exam, please reference the Practice Exam Instructions or contact the NETA office at 888.300.6382 or via email at