NETA Logo Use

Acceptable use of NETA Marks

Use of the NETA Acronym to Identify a Training Course that is Eligible for NETA CTDs

Certain limited use (not registration) of the NETA acronym are permitted strictly for accurate, informational reference, in text only, by entities offering training services to NETA Certified Technicians. Specifically, the following examples would be considered acceptable if accurate and included in text:

"This course is eligible for XX (insert number of approved credits here) NETA Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs). NETA Certified Technicians are required to earn a minimum of 24-48 CTDs every three years (Level 2 Technicians must earn 24 CTDs, Levels 3 and 4 must earn 48 CTDs) to maintain their certification. For more information about the CTD program and requirements, please contact the NETA office at or (888) 300-6382."

Unacceptable use of NETA Marks

Use or registration of NETA marks as identifiers in connection with third-party products, services (other than approved use by NETA Accredited Companies as specifically discussed below), domain names, social media user names, websites, logos, marketing materials, advertisements, and company letterheads is strictly prohibited. Use or registration of NETA marks in self-declarations, such as logos combining NETA marks with member (or other) names ("NETA Accredited Company Icon"), is also strictly prohibited. Use of NETA marks or placement of such NETA marks in a manner that is misleading or incorrectly implies that NETA endorses, has accredited, or otherwise approves a particular organization, product, or service is strictly prohibited.

Use by NETA Accredited Companies

Recognizing that strong brand recognition is imperative when solidifying the linkage between an organization and its members, the InterNational Electrical Testing Association Membership Department has introduced the NETA Accredited Company Icon, a graphic for use exclusively by full NETA members with prior written permission from NETA. The NETA Accredited Company Icon and other NETA marks may be used by full NETA Accredited Companies on their website, as a hyperlink to the NETA online website, or in promotional print materials in accordance with this policy, and with NETA's prior written permission, as a mechanism to demonstrate its affiliation with the Association and conformity to NETA policy and bylaws with regard to meeting association requirements for accreditation.

To obtain the NETA Accredited Company Icon, please log in and visit the NETA Nation AR/Community Resource Library

To learn more about the benefits of accreditation and other NETA partnerships, contact Member Services at or (888) 300.6382.

Who is Authorized to Use the NETA Logo?

"NETA", the NETA logo, and numerous other identifiers containing "NETA" are registered trademarks, service marks, and accreditation marks of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA). NETA reserves the use of these marks exclusively for use by the Association and its NETA Accredited Companies.

NETA does not itself test, maintain, or commission electrical equipment, but it does accredit third-party, independent electrical testing firms as well as certifies their electrical testing technicians. NETA does not permit, under any circumstances, the use or registration by any entity other than a NETA Accredited Company, the use of "NETA," the NETA wording and circle icon, design, or logotype ("NETA Logo"), icons, or any other marks, names, or domain names consisting of or incorporating NETA or marks owned by NETA, or anything confusingly similar (individually and collectively "NETA Marks"). Doing so would give the false impression that NETA has approved or authorized the organization using its NETA Marks. The only organizations granted permission to use these marks are entities in good standing as NETA Accredited Companies.

NETA reserves the right to take whatever actions it considers necessary to prevent the misuse of its valuable NETA marks.