Gift Alliance Program

Ends December 31, 2022

Every NETA Accredited Company to sign up ten or more clients for the Gift Alliance Program
will receive a NETA Swag Box. At the conclusion of the challenge,
the company with the highest number of newly subscribed clients will
also receive lunch at their main branch, compliments of NETA.


A Gift Alliance Partnership provides an important
connection to a community of professionals that are
advocates for ANSI/NETA Standards and the Association.
As the association works to expand the Alliance Program, it
also expands NETA’s supportive network and strengthens
the association’s collective impact on the industry.
The cost to subscribe a client to the Gift Alliance Program
is $35 and the benefits include:
• PowerTest registration discounts
• Discounts on ANSI/NETA Standards purchases
• Ability to participate in NETA working committees
• A one-year subscription the NETA World Journal
• And more!