Standard Alliance



Receive discount pricing, network, participate in NETA committee work, attend the Member/Alliance Meetings, stay current with NETA World technical journal, and take advantage of exclusive discounts.

The NETA Alliance Program is designed for professionals who share NETA's mission, leaders who bring perspectives from all sectors of the electrical power industry, and those who put quality and safety first.


Who is eligible for this program?

The NETA Alliance Program is available to professionals who wish to align with NETA and the work of the association in advancing safety and reliability across the electrical power system industry. The program is an individual-based partnership program, in which no certification or qualification is required to participate. (This program is not for corporations, NETA Accredited Companies, or their technicians.)

What does it cost to participate?

Receive all the benefits of the Alliance Program at $150.00 (USD) annually per person -- a $285.00 value

What are the benefits of joining?

Focused on providing value and opportunities for individuals within the industry who would like to get involved, the NETA Standard Alliance Program offers professional development opportunities and valuable discounts, as well as exclusive access to NETA technical resources. For a full list of program benefits, please click here.

Terms of the NETA Alliance Program

Participants in the NETA Alliance Program join a community of professionals committed to putting safety and reliability first within the electrical power industry. NETA Alliance Program participants acknowledge that the NETA Alliance Program is an individual subscription-based program -- not a company-based program -- for which there are no prerequisites or qualifications required, nor are there any earned certifications available. Participants agree that misrepresentation of their Alliance subscription and involvement with NETA is cause for revocation of their NETA Alliance subscription without reimbursement.